The convincing mechanical and dynamic properties of Vulkollan® are clear features of this classic in the field of compact polyurethane elastomers - and for decades the epitome of highest performance and outstanding quality. The high-quality raw components, a polyester polyol and an equally high-quality di-isocyanate, in conjunction with special chain extenders, make it possible to precisely set up the desired material properties - while guaranteeing a consistently high, reproducible level of technical values.

As a licensed partner of COVESTRO DEUTSCHLAND AG, the company P+S is authorized to use the trademark "Vulkollan®" and to process Vulkollan®, as well as to sell components named "Vulkollan®".

A variety of moulded parts, high-quality wheels and rollers, but also semi-finished products for further mechanical processing find their use wherever a maximum of wear resistance and mechanical and physical strength are required.

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* "Vulkollan®" is a registered trademark of the Covestro Group.