Wheels, castors & rollers with Vulkollan®-/Diepothan®

Carrier rollers, guide rolls, step rollers and tension rollers are typical examples of components used in conveyor technology for transport tasks and other processes in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in elevator technology. Impellers, roller coatings and rollers have to fulfill increasing demands on safety and material quality in daily practice.

Our proven P + S product range with Vulkollan coating impresses in this market segment with its high dynamic load capacity combined with ideal compression set behaviour and an excellent modulus of elasticity. It is complemented by a variety of applications with Diepothan coverings. These allow us a wide range of applications in a hardness range of about 40 - 98 ° Shore A.

Wheels, castors and rollers can be manufactured according to individual customer specifications and supplied as a complete ready-to-install assembly. Wheel and roller coatings on base bodies supplied by the customer are also part of our portfolio. A wide range of high-quality materials make it possible to match individual customer requirements such as low damping and improved wear resistance.

A PDF document with further information about the standard program can be obtained via the following link: PDF wheels and castors