Railroad vehicles and railway technology

Worldwide, P + S material make an indispensable contribution to safety, as well as to driving and operating comfort inside and outside of rail vehicles.

High loads during mounting, as well as disturbing vibrations are often problems to be solved. With our high-performance materials, we offer solutions through elastic bearings and damping systems, as well as for the decoupling of vibrations.

In this segment the materials Diepothan® and Vulkollan® are characterized by high wear resistance and good elasticity. Bushing, roll supports, springs or endstops are typical components which ensure a long-lasting and reliable use due to their good technical properties.

Emergency springs and spring systems made of the foamed material Vulkocell® are characterized by high dynamic load capacity and excellent spring properties. Furthermore, components made of our materials Vulkocell® and Diepolast® are used for effective decoupling of vibration and structure-borne noise.

Individually adapted solutions from P + S are in demand worldwide and impress with their outstanding performance in harsh applications!