Certification according to ASME and EAC for strengthen our market position

Shipments to USA and Russia from now on

Certification according to ASME and EAC
Certification according to ASME and EAC

The world markets are continiously moving together, excisting trade barriers are reduced more and more, which is leading to global business relations are becoming more transparent. A pleasant trend, which should have a positive influence on nowadays different quality standards sooner or later.

"In elevator business our safety buffers are approved and certified by TÜV acc. to the current European norm EN 81-1/2.", explained P+S General Manager Ingo Becker. "Furthermore there are some other important country-specific norms and requirements.

So who wants to play successfully in the worlds concert of the leading elevator manufacturers, is well advised to meet the mentioned standards. In regard of that, P + S received in 2015 two major certifications. "Within this spring our safety buffers were successfully certified according to the quality standards of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and in accordance with the relevant standard for the Russian-speaking market (EAC-certificate). This makes it easier to export to those countries and strengthens our market position at the same time ", says P + S Managing Director Ingo Becker and expresses his satisfaction with the successful certification.

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