The five innovative polyurethane elastomers manufactured at our company enable us to promptly provide quality solutions for many applications.

Likewise, the proven P+S standard programs provide a strong and reliable basis for a large number of tailor-made modifications, each of which we design for our customers at any time with great accuracy and quality awareness. For detailed information about this aspect please look up Products and Applications.


The convincing mechanical and dynamic properties of Vulkollan® are clear features of this classic in the field of ...

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The technical property of our Diepothan® family is very similar to the properties of "Vulkollan®". Developed by P+S ...

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Due to its mixed cellular structure, Vulkocell® is the powerful counterpart to the massive Vulkollan®...

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The product family of Diepocell® consists of different mixed-cellular polyurethane elastomers and is very ...

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This mixed-cellular, high-tech elastomer developed on special polyether-based raw materials sets up new standards ...

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