Impact buffers and crane buffers made of Diepocell®

Wherever masses can collide, the occurring forces must be reliably damped by buffers. A typical application area for P + S bumpers made of cellular Diepocell®, which have an excellent damping capacity and a large working capacity. Due to different qualities of the high-performance material Diepocell®, buffers which are hydrolysis-resistant can also be supplied for use in subtropical / tropical climates, as well as for applications with increased humidity.

Our proven buffer components are preferably used in general mechanical engineering as well as in crane construction. The stop buffers of our standard program are available either with central mounting, with two threaded bolts or with a square base plate in different designs.

In the area of ​​special constructions, in special installation situations, in difficult environmental influences or large loads, we develop buffers / buffer elements, which are specially designed for just these factors.

A PDF document with further information about the standard program can be obtained via the following link: P+S Impact buffers