Impact buffers and dampers made of Diepocell®

P+S buffers made of Diepocell® are the reliable solution for absorbing and dampening forces during the collision of non-sprung masses. Our high-performance damping and buffering elements offer outstanding damping capacity and high energy absorption, perfectly for applications in mechanical engineering, crane construction, conveyor technology, and other manufacturing industries.

Choose from various options for mounting the elements - either with a central threaded bolt/internal thread or with an additional square base plate under the bumper element.
Our Diepocell MH 30 bumpers have been proven and versatile for many years. Customers worldwide rely on the excellent properties and durability of P+S bumpers.

Technical data, notes on applicability, and connection dimensions can be found here:
P+S Impact buffers - MH 30 (white)

The new bumper and damper elements made of Diepocell BM (anthracite) combine the proven properties of Diepocell MH with further improved damping characteristics and hydrolysis stability. The use in areas with high humidity (such as tropical climates) can be just as well implemented due to these properties, as well as applications in areas with less challenging environmental influences.

Technical data, notes on applicability, and connection dimensions are provided here:
P+S Impact buffers - BM (anthracite)

For special requirements, such as small installation spaces, higher loads, special component shapes or custom sizes, we offer tailored solutions with a variety of material options and a large range of production tools. Our technical experts also support you in the development new parts or in the technical calculation and design for your application.

Trust in the high-performance components of P+S and benefit from comprehensive customer service and outstanding delivery quality.