The technical property of our Diepothan® family is very similar to the properties of "Vulkollan®". Developed by P+S, this huge product family can demonstrate its strengths as a highly advantageous combination of physical and mechanical properties as a problem solver in a variety of applications.

The Diepothan® family offers solutions for a very wide range of applications. Based on high-quality polyesters and /or polyether polyols even extreme demands on the technical skills, even in special applications and environmental influences are no problem at all.

Moulded parts made of Diepothan® are used in a wide range of applications such as general machine constructing industry, as well as in particularly challenging areas such as shipbuilding, pipeline laying and maintenance. Especially in these areas, our Diepothan® is characterized by a very low swelling behaviour towards water. In addition to mouldings parts made of Diepothan®, we also offer semi-finished products like rods, tubes and plates for individual further processing.