Award for Successful Collaboration for Over 40 Years.

(from left.) Mr. Frank Muschiol (Development Manager Vulkollan / NDI, Covestro), Mr. Jürgen Bleick (General Manager P+S), Mr. Wim Weber (General Manager P+S), Mr. Klaus Brembs (Regional Sales Manager Covestro), Mr. Manfred Heckert (Shareholder of P+S), Dr. Thomas Braig (Executive Vice President Head of Business Entity Elastomers, Covestro).

In mid-january of this year, P+S was honored as a licensed partner and processor of Vulkollan® during a visit by long-term contacts of Covestro Deutschland AG for their 40-year collaboration.

As part of the visit, the guests also took the opportunity to personally say goodbye to the long-term managing director and shareholder of P+S, Mr. Manfred Heckert, as he has retired by end of 2023. Dr. Thomas Braig emphasized the particularly trusting and always target-leading cooperation between many Covestro employees, especially from the Covestro Elastomers SAS / Vulkollan® business unit, and the P+S staff.

As a special honor, an award for 40 years of collaboration was handed over during this visit in addition to a corresponding certificate of recognition.