Material handling (conveying and storage technology)

In-house conveyor technology includes conveyor systems and handling systems for goods transport by simple forklifts up to fully automated storage and dispatching systems. This includes not only conveyor lines but also automatic production lines. Such systems have to have following properties: faster, more efficient and careful transport of goods - for optimal processes both in production and in your logistics concept.

Applications made of our high-performance hot-cast elastomers will be developed fitting perfect to the conveying concept and the goods to be transported.

Rollers for material handling vehicles, but also complex roll systems in automated high-bay warehouses and goods issue systems - we do support you by developing solutions for your concept by the knowledge of our engineering department and our outstanding high-performance elastomers. Stops, sliding elements, guide rails and guide rollers, dampers and bumpers and many other moulded parts made of polyurethane protect even sensitive products such as glass during in-house transport, as well as on the road.