Semi-finished products of polyurethane (massiv & foamed)

In the field of polyurethane semi-finished products, P + S can offer a comprehensive program for individual post-processing and further processing. An extensive tool pool makes it possible to react quickly to special dimension requirements.

We offer PU sheets in the dimensions 1.000x2.000 or 1.000x4.000mm and the hardnesses 55 ° - 95 ° Shore A and material thicknesses from 1 - 40mm. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of round bars (massiv) as well as tubes (massiv & microcellular) and foamed blocks with densities 350 kg /m ³ - 650 kg /m ³.

Mechanical rework such as splitting, water jet cutting, sawing, milling, grinding, drilling, but also the production of adhesive bonds is completing our program.
Special dimensions and hardness / densities are possible upon request.