Pressure bars, cutting bars and folding technology

Great reliability, enormous resistance to wear and a long service life are the key attributes of pressure bars of P+S which prove themselves daily in the printing industry and the paper processing industry. They are made from our material Vulkocell®. Many profiles of common manufacturers are available. Individual length, hardness and profiles can be offered on request.

Equally successful are our extremely durable cutting bars, which have excellent dynamic behaviour and outstanding structural strength. In this way, our P + S components can continuously contribute to efficiency and production optimization. The cutting bars are available in various widths and lengths. Colored bars made of the high-performance material Diepothan are also part of the delivery spectrum, as are cutting bars from the original Vulkollan formulas.

Other articles such as wheels, rollers, stops, springs, scrapers and strips up to individual mouldings in the folding industry are also manufactured by P + S and can be offered or delivered on request. Our design and development also helps you to find application-specific solutions.