Paper-, folding- and printing technology

The processing and ennobling of paper becomes more and more diverse and demanding. Modern paper machines process rolls of up to 12 meters width with very high processing speed, beeing layouted individually and the type of paper and dimension. Modern printing systems reach high output and are not printing only paper. Our many-years Know-How in this branch finds itself within our products in this segment.

High quality pressure bars made of Vulkocell® and cutting sticks made of Vulkollan® are part of our program as well as folding strips, endstops, dampers, coated transport-wheels, rollers and guiding rails. All of these products are not dealing with simple printing process of paper - these products have to deliver best performance under even adverse environmental influences.

An additional part you will find within our special blade system production. P+S produces these special systems in a very wide range of types, being exactly adjusted to machine type, paper quality and ennobling media. We do trust in the technical properties of our hot-casted polyurethane systems as well as in ultra-high molecular Polyethylene. State of the art 5-axle machining centres complete this production area.