Metal-elastomer compounds & coatings

Many ideas from today's field of metal-elastomer compounds go back to the first rubber-metal compounds. Today's applications are realized due to shrinking installation space and increasingly complex tasks with modern polyurethane materials.

Our P + S hot-cast elastomers start right where simple elastomers reach the limits of what's technically feasible. We have many years of know-how talking about elastomer-metal compounds. Whether our compact materials Vulkollan® and Diepothan®, or our microcellular polyurethanes Vulkocell® or Diepocell® - the range of applications runs through all industries. Whether casted, foamed or glued - we offer reliable and long-lasting connections! But not only metal - even connections with other plastics can be realized.

Buffers, bumpers, rails, machine feet, machine bearings, friction wheels, bushes, sleeves, damping elements and many other moulded parts are examples of the wide range of applications of modern metal-elastomer compounds.