General machine constructing industry

The different technical requirements in general machine constructing industry are perfect for the manifold possibilities given by our polyurethane elastomers. Due to our own technical development department and project engineering and our own formulations, we are able to adjust our recipes to the technical need of your application. Equal if large series or individual product in special machine construction - P + S is your competent partner.

Elastomeric springs, end stops, bump stops, bumpers, auxiliary springs, ejection springs, coated strips and scrapers, pressure bars, cutting sticks, bottle plates, pressure rollers, guide rollers and guide rails, jaws, punches, customized seals, end-position dampers, drivers, bushes, brake-rings and sleeves, nozzles, drive wheels and rollers, coated rollers, elastomer-metal connections, as well as semi-finished products and many other applications can be found in our product portfolio. Our high-performance elastomers Vulkollan®, Diepothan®, Vulkocell® and Diepocell® provide solutions in a wide variety of applications.