Elevator business (buffers and lift components)

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P+S Polyurethan
is a member of the VFA

Liftbuffers made by P+S are state of the art products with impressive load capacity and huge reliability. Our safety relevant components can be used in almost all regions of the world due to their excellent resistance to external influences such as oil, grease and lubricants on the one hand and tropical climate conditions with high humidity on the other. Comprehensive certifications for almost all major world markets are available.

The high-performance elastomers Diepocell® achieve a high spring deflection at a very low transverse strain. This, in combination with an all over height of only 80 mm throughout the complete product family, allows the space-saving use of these certified elevator buffers made by P+S in even very limited installations spaces.

An accompanying program of lift components such as castors, roller guides, cable spring buffers, guide shoes and inserts, guide rail lubricators and oil collectors as well as vibration reducing solutions for the drives makes P+S being a reliable and high-performance partner for you.