Dampers and stops made of polyurethane

A good project engineering, a qualified technical design- and development team, as well as our own formulations based on high-quality materials, enable P + S to offer application-oriented solutions, tailored to the respective task. With details of load, speed, frequency, deflection, installation situation and possible environmental influences, a very precise adjustment of the component is possible.

The dampers and stops of the P + S are characterized by a low transverse strain in the area of ​​microcellular materials, as well as high wear resistance in the area of ​​compact materials. Furthermore longevity and high loads, as well as good damping and spring properties apply to the outstanding attributes of the respective material type.

Our dampers and springs are used in many industries, such as vehicle construction, crane construction, agricultural technology, railway construction, materials handling, elevator technology, mechanical and plant engineering and many more.