Crane construction and crane technology

In the field of crane construction and crane technology, polyurethane hot-cast elastomers have to fulfill a large number of requirements. Large forces, compact designs, high speeds under load, and the demand for products for global use - these are the requirements that moulded parts made by P+S are faced with day by day.

Diepocell® crane buffers are characterized by an excellent damping behaviour - and at the same time very volume-compressible - a great advantage in installation situations with limited space. Further development of this material can also be used in tropical climates and is characterized especially by being stable to aging by hydrolysis.

Heavy-duty wheels and castors from Diepothan® cover constant change of direction under full load at high speeds on cable wagons in world-wide crane applications or in large goods lifts.
Smallest limit switches made of Vulkocell® in chain hoists or large bumpers of 600x900mm with steel plate and crash protection - our products home is the global crane industry, crane technology and lifting equipment of all kinds.