Cardboard processing and packaging systems

Media like the Internet and E-Commerce are increasingly dominating the purchasing behaviour of the population. Traditional local or regional retail is losing more and more importance except food trade. Today large quantities of goods are being moved and shipped in the major logistic centres on the motorways. Highly efficient cardboard-processing and packaging systems ensure an extremely fast handling and dispatch of the goods.

The elastomers in such systems are highly efficient. Moulded polyurethane products, precisely tailor-made to the specific requirement of the machine and the product, ensure extremely long running time, a high degree of reliability and immense discharge rates. Often, machinery of that kind is financed by output only, which significantly increases the requirement for stable processes.

Anti-Crush wheels and castors are designed to meet these extreme requirements. A variety of different shaped parts, such as stops, wheels, rollers and coated rollers, but also strips and many other components are part of modern equipment in the packaging industry, which includes foil production and printing, but also filling technology in food and beverage industry.