Materials made of polyurethane provide state-of-the-art solutions for numerous industry branches and play an indispensable role in the global economic life of the twenty-first century. On all continents there is an increasing demand for our high performance, maintenance-free PU components which are required to master more and more complex challenges.

We that this gives you an introduction to some of the most important fields of application for our PUR solutions. We will be delighted to inform you in detail about how you can take advantage of our high performance materials.

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Elevator technology

Liftbuffers made by P+S are state of the art products with impressive load capacity and huge reliability...

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Rail Vehicle technology

Worldwide, P + S material make an indispensable contribution to safety, as well as to driving and operating ...

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Agricultural industry

In agriculture, components of machinery and equipment have to meet the highest technical requirements – day ...

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Vehicle technology

Lighter constructions and smaller becoming installation spaces - the technical properties of our materials ...

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Paper and printing technology

The processing and ennobling of paper becomes more and more diverse and demanding. Modern ...

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Cardboard and packaging systems

Media like the Internet and E-Commerce are increasingly dominating the purchasing behaviour of the population...

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Pipeline service

Gas and crude oil pipelines span the globe. No plane takes off without kerosene. Highly specialized systems ...

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Crane technology

In the field of crane construction and crane technology, polyurethane hot-cast elastomers have to fulfill ...

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Municipal service

Reliable products, durable components and a gentle use for human and machine are requirements for ...

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Machine constructing

The different technical requirements in general machine constructing industry are perfect for the ...

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Material handling

In-house conveyor technology includes conveyor systems and handling systems for goods transport by simple forklifts ...

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Vibration technology

Vibrations and structure-borne noise are difficult topics in lots of applications throughout the industry. Talking about ...

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