Due to its mixed cellular structure, Vulkocell® is the powerful counterpart to the massive Vulkollan®. Due to its excellent material properties, this elastomer is preferably used where a much higher deformation at a low compression hardness compared to solid elastomers has to be achieved.

Due to its microcellular structure, Vulkocell® is highly volume-compressible at a very low transversal strain. This advantageous combination, supplemented by a relatively low damping and a high dynamic load capacity offers a variety of applications in the field of general machine construction and vehicle constructing industry.

Compact design, vibrations stressing man and machine - moulded parts made of foamed polyurethane Vulkocell® such as additional springs, shock absorbers, bearing seals and many other applications bring safety and suspension comfort. In addition to application-specific moulded parts, hoses, sheets and blocks for further processing are available within in our product range.