Respondent specialist Wilhelm Möllering celebrates anniversary at Diepholzer company P+S 40 years of loyal service.

Group photo with Mr. Möllering and the management of P+S Polyurethan Elastomere for the 40th anniversary of Mr. Möllering.
Jubilar Wilhelm Möllering (center) with (from left): Managing Director Ingo Becker , Chairman of works council Klaus Riemann , proxy Jürgen Bleick and Managing Director Manfred Heckert.

Looking back on a long-lasting performance: In Diepholz company P+S Polyurethan Elastomere employee Wilhelm Möllering celebrated his 40-th anniversary.

His personal history is long. On January 4, 1976, the trained agriculture technician began work at the P+S plastic and foam technology, as the company was called at that time.First Möllering worked on different machines, machine setup was also part of his responsibilities, as well as the material supply and treatment.

In 1977 he moved to the elastomer department and handling a foaming machine, processing the integral foam. During the development of this department a new machine for processing hot casted elastomers was acquired, which was henceforth served by Wilhelm Möllering for several years and was ultimately the foundation of today P+S Polyurethan Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG.

Because of his extensive knowledge and experience, which he acquired in the various departments, the jubilar is now a sought-after specialist who performs in the layer control quality assurance tasks.

In his spare time Wilhelm Möllering is active, he likes to ride the bike and often works in the family garden.

For his anniversary, the management and the works council congratulated. In the subsequent ceremony certainly one or the other story was told from the past 40 years.

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