Reliable P + S lift buffers certified according to UKCA

D-series lift buffers now also fit for Great Britain

lift buffers certified according to UKCA

The UK's exit from the EU (Brexit) on December 31, 2020 has an extensive economic impact. Also safety components for elevators are affected by new regulations, which on the one hand result in a transition period for deliveries of liftbuffers until 2021-12-31, and on the other hand also require a type examination certificate for deliveries starting 2022-01-01. Starting 2022, safety components such as the P + S lift buffers have to be supplied with a BS EN81-20/50:2014 type examination certificate and have to be labeled according the official requirements.

As partner for the type testing and certification jobs, we were able to rely on the competence of a leading certifier, whose engineers were characterized by target-oriented and efficient cooperation with our colleagues from Diepholz.

Thanks to the recently completed certifications, nothing prevents our lift buffers from being used throughout continental Europe. Further certifications such as ASME A17.1 for North America / Canada, but also for China and South Korea, once again confirm the D series as a global player. All informations about the current generation of liftbuffers is available online in the download area.

As a reliable partner, P + S is at your disposal, as always, with a great & competent team and many years of experience in the field of elevator components. Not only standard items, but also special applications can be designed, produced and delivered by P + S. Just get in touch…

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