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working group „PU-Hansalinie“
working group „PU-Hansalinie“

The CEO Ingo Becker and Manfred Heckert of P + S Polyurethan Elastomere GmbH & Co.KG were pleased to welcome company representatives of the polyurethane industry in the districts of Diepholz, Vechta and Osnabrück and representatives of universities and the Economic Development of Diepholz at their corporate location in Diepholz. They presented the extensive services offered by the company. These include, in addition to a diversified standard program such as Safety buffer for elevators, seals and spring elements for the engineering and individual customized solutions (eg for rail vehicles, in-service pipeline and the papermaking and papermanufacturing industry). At present, the company employs 90 employees and is also planning an operational extension of the establishment.

"We can imagine a cooperative in certain areas and a nationwide cooperation with polyurethane companies from the region. Of this everyone involved could benefit and use
synergies," said Heckert and Becker.

The Economic Development of Diepholz has invited to the second meeting of the Working Group polyurethane. "The aim is to continue strengthen the common economic space of Hansalinie, bundle existing competencies and outline the future development and orientation of the working group" said Sven Mörker of the Economic Development of Diepholz

Karl-Wilhelm Kroesen by BASF Polyurethanes GmbH talked about the current focus of REACH, a regulation on chemicals of the European Union. REACH stands for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals and is especially small and medium-sized enterprises to major challenges. An intensive discussion ended the presentation.

From the University of Applied Sciences of Steinfurt, Prof. Dr. Martin Kreyenschmidt, also Head of the Institute for Structural and Functional Materials, gave a comprehensive survey of research-technical possibilities of testing and development process of products and materials
from the polymer technology.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Bye from the College of Business and Technology Diepholz worked with the company representatives, current topics for the further development of the working group “Polyurethane Hansalinie”. For this should practical topics in various fields of training, specific scenarios for the implementation of the REACH regulation and disposal of polyurethane raw materials and health and safety issues play a role in the future.

At the end the CEO Manfred Heckert and Ingo Becker and the quality manager Christoph Ostendorf led through the manufacturing of the company. The visitors were impressed by the wide field of activity by P + S in Diepholz.


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