New EU standard for lift buffers according to EN 81-20/-50 convincingly implemented.

Lift buffers according to EU-Norm EN 81-20/-50
Lift buffers according to EU-Norm EN 81-20/-50

P + S - powerful - future-proof!

For the lift industry and its actors, it was basically clear for years that sooner or later a new elevator standard will come. But when it actually came, it nonetheless brought some surprises - and so some of the industry players in time trouble and embarrassment. Not so with the P+S Polyurethane Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG, who manufactures powerful security buffers for elevator industry since many years.

P+S Managing Director Ingo Becker looks back: “So far, we were well prepared for the new EU standard, as we had done our homework in the best possible way before”.

Reminder: As early as autumn 2013, the company located in the village of Diepholz in Lower Saxony brought their new strong performance-enhanced security buffer made of Diepocell BM® on the market –at that time to be called a quantum leap. Pioneering role at European level: P + S Managing Director Ingo Becker and his team are happy about the certification was carried out in July 2015th.

“As part of our research and development work, we had worked intensively on further optimization of materials for use in the elevator area. Here our R&D team had succeeded an innovative leap, which was not to be expected in this range”, explains P+S Managing Director Ingo Becker. “The newly developed buffer components made of Diepocell BM® brought new standards and applications for lift technology and vibration insulation with it. These powerful PUR solutions were and are the optimum basis for us to adequately implement the new EU standard”.

Certification for lift buffers according to EN 81-20/-50 is done – series production starts

No sooner said than done: "The central demands of the new EU standard for a significantly reduced rear acceleration and deceleration could promptly be met by our R&D team on the basis of the convincing features of Diepocell BM®”, Ingo Becker emphasizes satisfied.

The cellular high-performance polyurethane made by P+S has always been highly valued in elevator industry for maximum deformability of 90% with a simultaneous minimal transverse expansion. Therefore, this material has been an ideal solution for buffer elements in the elevator and crane industry since long time.
The new generation of maintenance-free P+S security buffer made of Diepocell BM® was optimally adjusted according to the new EU standard, already certified in July 2015 by TÜV Nord, and will start  series production shortly. In addition to the new standard, the buffers are also certified according to the old standard EN 81-1/2.

Strong damping, minimal rebound

“In addition, the excellent damping values of our buffers made of Diepocell BM® significantly ensure more protection and comfort for man and machine”, adds Ingo Becker. “These exceptional results are currently not achieved by other material”.

The convincing property profile of the high-performance elastomer Diepocell BM® is presented very graphic on our website. In an experimental setup, a video clip is showing the exceptional damping properties of P + S buffers.

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