Memories on the 40th anniversary of Manfred Heckert

(from left side): Jubilee and managing director Manfred Heckert and wife Ute, managing director Jürgen Bleick, Walter Escherich and wife and jubilee Charlotte Escherich, Ines Rietz (works council), jubilee Friedhelm Pleß and managing director Ingo Becker.

Manfred Heckert - date of entry: 01.01.1978

Memories on the 40th anniversary of Manfred Heckert, Managing Director of P + S Polyurethan Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG

Manfred Heckert joined the company in Diepholz, Thüringer Strasse on 01.01.1978 as a 20-year-old. He had just completed his training as workshop mechanic in company “Lemförder Metallwaren” and has already gained some years of work experience there, therefore being a suitable employee for      P + S. In the relatively new company (founded in 1972 and 1975 moved into newly built facilities at Thüringer Straße) first job was the introduction of the polyurethane processing technology. After completion of the general introductory work, Manfred Heckert took over the responsibility as technical manager of this area.  In order to meet the greater demands of his position, Manfred Heckert completed an additional education as an industrial master.

"Milestones" in the operational development of the company followed, in which Manfred played a central role: the implementation of a new production branch (injection moulding and assembly technology) in Dunmanway in the Republic of Ireland, the acquisition of the Vulkollan and Baytec production facility of company Pirelli in Hoechst( Odenwald), the production-related expansion through the construction of additional production halls and finally the management buy-out (MBO), in which Manfred Heckert participated and thus in 1992 became an entrepreneur. In 2008, a complete new construction occurred at Kielweg; Diepholz. The construction of the new production facility and offices was led by Manfred Heckert. Today, P + S Polyurethan Elastomere GmbH & Co.KG has developed into a successful international operating company whose strengths lies in the development of individual solutions for heavy-duty polyurethane systems.

Currently over 120 employees are working at P+S in Diepholz.

Over the past four decades, Manfred Heckert has developed into a competent specialist in polyurethane processing. Today he is welcome and respected speaker at national and international conferences.

In addition, Manfred Heckert is actively involved in the training and further education of young people.

Friedhelm Pless - date of entry: 30.01.1978

Friedhelm Pleß was hired in 1978 as a machine operator in elastomer production. In this department, he has been working for 13 years and was important part of the successful development of this production unit. During that time he acquired skills and knowledge that enabled him to take on other tasks in the company. Today Mr. Pleß is working inside the reworking and assembly department and carries out mechanical machining on compact elastomers. Also he is person in charge for the assembly of complete roller guide systems and for the final inspection of those. Storing and commissioning, as well as monitoring and controlling of the curing processes of manufactured parts belongs to his today`s job.

In his free time he takes care of the parental farm.

Charlotte Escherich - date of entry: 01.03.1978

Ms. Escherich started her job as a machine operator in the injection moulding department.
In 1981 she switched to the manual reworking department of elastomer products. She was working on deburring and control tasks. In 1983 a new manufacturing branch was established - bonding of Velcro film on injection moulded plates for rotary sanders.  After short time she took over the responsibility of this department until the complete production facility was outsourced to Switzerland in 1986. As part of the outsourcing process, Ms. Escherich was working in Switzerland for several months for training of the local employees. After returning from Switzerland, she started her new job as deputy head of reworking and assembly department. Due to her long experience within the range of various products, she is a competent and skilled employee, who is also gladly asked for questions of product quality in the context of quality assurance.

In her free time, she enjoys taking care of her home and loves gardening.

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