Innovation leap in lift technology

The new buffer components were developed and prepared for mass production at Diepholz in Lower Saxony at P+S Polyurethan-Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG. The company has been well known and established as an innovative manufacturer of convincing polyurethane solutions for numerous industrial sectors – including with an extensive product range for lift construction.

New standards and options for lift technology and vibration insulation

“Demand for our high performance, no-maintenance PU components is growing almost daily, because increasingly greater challenges have to be overcome,” explained P+S managing director Ingo Becker. “Consequently, in the last two years we have also worked intensively on furtheroptimised materials for use in the lift sector as part of our research and development work. In this connection our R+D team succeeded in making an innovation leap that could hardly have been expected on this scale. The newly developed materials involve completely new standards and deployment options for lift technology and vibration insulation.”

The reliable guarantor and starting point for this technological quantum leap was the material Diepocell. This cellular high performance polyurethane has always been highly appreciated in lift construction for its maximum deformability with simultaneous minimum transverse elongation. “Consequently, Diepocell was in any case an ideal solution for buffer elements in lift and crane construction,” emphasised P+S managing director Manfred Heckert. “And this feature profile has now become even more convincing and valuable.

Strong damping, minimum recoil

The new P+S car buffers were unveiled at interlift 2013. The P+S  employees Matthias Bosse and Matthias Kobusch and managing  director Ingo Becker at the fair stand

Even under extreme loads the new generation of certified, hydrolytically stable P+S safety buffer made of Diepocell demonstrates greatly improved damping values that can guarantee much more protection and convenience for people and machinery and up to three-times greater load ranges. “Other components do not achieve these extraordinary results. In other words, our components currently have no competitors,” noted Ingo Becker not without pride, and ManfredHeckert added, “This added value in quality, convenience and safety is of course also
very interesting to our customers in the lift industry, because it has a cost-optimising effect. After all, the improved properties of Diepocell permit the space-saving and economical installation of smaller buffers.” To demonstrate the optimised feature profile of the high performance elastomer Diepocell a short video clip was produced. This can be seen on the company’s website where a test set-up demonstrates the extraordinary damping properties of the P+S buffer components.

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