Company anniversary at P+S Polyurethan-Elastomere GmbH & Co.KG

Company anniversary
People from left to right: Morsalin Abdul, Managing Director Jürgen Bleick, Nicolai Pracht, Wjatscheslaw Bauer, Works Council Chairman Bernd Spreen, Christoph Ostendorf, General Manager Daniela Heitmeier and Managing Director Manfred Heckert.

The management was able to make a special honor and congratulate 4 employees on their 25th anniversary. During a ceremony, the works council and management thanked the jubilees.

Morsalin Abdul joined the company on September 10, 1997 and worked in the casting department first. He worked as a machine operator for 14 years and then switched to tool cleaning department, where he still works today.

Wjatscheslaw Bauer has been with the company since August 25, 1997. For many years he worked in the assembly area and within intermediate quality control. After a few years, he switched to the profile production area, where he carried out the finishing work on dosing units for the color and glue application systems for paper machines.

Nicolai Pracht began his work on September 1st, 1997 in the foaming department as a machine operator. After two years, Mr. Pracht switched to metal part pre-treatment, where he still works today.

Christoph Ostendorf was hired as an employee in quality assurance on September 1st, 1997. In 2001 he was appointed quality manager and a QM system was set up. Mr. Ostendorf was significantly involved in setting up our QM system and the necessary certifications according to ISO 9001/14001/45001 and 50001.

According to the management, the experience of long-standing employees is of inestimable value for a company, especially in this day and age.

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