This mixed-cellular, high-tech elastomer developed on special polyether-based raw materials sets up new standards in the field of vibration isolation and the decoupling of structure-borne noise. Whether under pressure or shear loads, the properties of all types are outstanding.

13 base types of Diepolast® SD in combination with defined dimension and height allows to fine-tund solutions for almost every application. For special applications and extremely high loads, the 7 types of the closed-cellular series Diepolast® dyn S and heavy load solutions made of Diepolast® dyn HL can be selected. The special cell structure of the "dyn" types allows even underwater installations, as the cell structure almost eliminates the soaking effect of liquids.

Engine bearer, machine feet, elastic intermediate layers, sound insulation in floors and ceilings, and even building storage in oppressive groundwater are areas of application for this trend-setting material family. Usually this material is produced as sheet material - but technical moulded parts can also be produced upon request.