The product family of Diepocell® consists of different mixed-cellular polyurethane elastomers and is very similar to Vulkocell® in terms of technical properties. In contrast to the very good dynamic properties of the Vulkocell®, moulded parts made of Diepocell® are especially convincing by their excellent damping properties.

Based on high-quality polyester and /or polyether polyols even extreme demands on the technical load capacity, for example as a safety component in elevators or as an emergency buffer in crane systems and also extreme environmental influences up to tropical climates can be covered with our Diepocell® qualities.

High energy absorption, excellent damping behaviour and very high deformability at a very low transversal strain are the attributes of the Diepocell MH® and Diepocell BM® materials making them a reliable partner for your product safety. In general products are moulded parts, but also semi-finished products such as hoses, sheets and blocks for individual processing are available.