P+S Polyurethan - Performance elastomers for industrial applications

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P+S Polyurethan-Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG

Specialist for the development and production of moulded parts made of compact or cellular polyurethane elastomers. High-performance partner for companies from various sectors of industry, from machine constructing industrie to printing technologies.


The convincing mechanical and dynamic properties of Vulkollan® are clear features of this classic in the field of compact polyurethane elastomers.

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The technical property of our Diepothan® family is very similar to the properties of "Vulkollan®".

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Due to its mixed cellular structure, Vulkocell® is the powerful counterpart to the massive Vulkollan®.

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The product family of Diepocell® consists of different mixed-cellular polyurethane elastomers and is very similar to Vulkocell® in terms of technical properties.

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This mixed-cellular, high-tech elastomer developed on special polyether-based raw materials sets up new standards in the field of vibration isolation and the decoupling of structure-borne noise.

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Welcome to our site.

We are delighted at your interest in our work and will give a comprehensive insight into the wide and varied range of services of P+S Polyurethan-Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG.

The history of our company dates back 1972. In those days the main focus of our activities was in the production of thermoplastic injection moulded parts and polyurethane foam elements. Shortly afterwards, we started a pilot plant for the manufacture of constructional elements made of cellular and solid polyurethane elastomers for high stress applications. It turned out to be a very decisive step towards the future and was a significant influence on the company’s strategic development over the coming years.

We continued to extend our activities in the area of PUR manufacturing until 1992 when we clearly positioned the company as P+S Polyurethan-Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG as sole manufacturer of technical components made of solid and foamed polyurethane systems.

Since then, our products have become known as problem solvers for a large number of manufacturing branches – with ever increasing areas of application. Around the world many companies rely on our PUR elastomers and appreciate the comprehensive support and advice of our experts. In other words, we are known as a supplier of complete quality solutions.

Successful Strategic Partnerships

All our activities along the entire value chain are characterized by an optimum level of economic efficiency and environmental sustainability. Our PUR systems are not manufactured in large scale series – on the contrary, we usually produce small and medium series of up to 100,000 pieces. On request we will happily develop and manufacture custom made single pieces with very special features for very specific applications.

We share long term cooperations with many of our business partners but again and again our circle of customers gets extended by new companies and their inherent challenges. The entire work at our enterprise is characterized by creative solution competences and specialised knowledge of the trade, complemented by our ability to meet deadlines and our thorough customer focused approach.

These attributes form the essential components of the P+S corporate culture and through the hard work and dedication of all our staff,
makes us well equipped to face the future.