News from P+S Polyurethan

At the end of last year a new product was unveiled in the field of lift construction that can undoubtedly be described as a genuine quantum leap. This was a greatly performance-enhanced safety buffer made of Diepocell, which since its premiere at the interlift has caused a stir among specialists worldwide and aroused great interest.

Significantly higher load range, stronger damping and low transverse deformation: A new generation of lift buffers were presented by the company P + S polyurethane elastomers, resident at the Kielweg at Diepholz,  in Augsburg at the Inter lift - a leading trade fair for elevator technology .

At the corporate buildings of P + S at the Kielweg, foreman Ulrich Schröder was honored. As “honorable and thanksworthy”, the company management of P + S Polyurethane Elastomers described the 25-year tenure of Ulrich Schröder.